Products and Services

Masada provides a flexible, constantly evolving range of products and services which will enable your business to flourish while exceeding all expectations in regards to legal and regulatory requirements.

These products and services are aimed at making a real difference to your business. We have found that we are able to add significant value to our clients operations by increasing efficiency and taking over responsibility for the tasks which normally occur "behind the scenes." Our clients tell us they have much more time to find the customers and close the deals, allowing the business to thrive and generate profit.

We have in-house developers for Access, SQL Server and Oracle and can develop and manage database solutions to fulfil any purpose. We also specialise in the administration and management of banking systems provided by mainstream banks, as well as NexorONE and similar programs including several privately built systems.

Masada is familiar with the administration of investments of all kinds including the distribution of interest back to clients through a variety of methods.

We handle all regulatory and reporting obligations in regards to the Companies Office and the Inland Revenue Department and undertake these responsibilities for all our clients.

If you require a product or service which we do not currently provide, we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs. The development and risk assessment of new products and services does not generally incur any additional fees.

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